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Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier – Training to Win

Hey guys, I am here with a special BJJ Lafayette blog tonight. Tonight I will stray a little bit from the path and focus on one of our teammates who will be walking through the fire of competition tonight. I am talking about Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier. I have been knowing Dustin for almost 5 years now. We met at one of Tim’s seminars at Cajun Karate back in 2007. To say Dustin has come a long way from that day is an understatement. I have been lucky enough to witness his amateur and professional MMA career. I can attest to the fact that his game has grown by leaps and bounds and he has become one of my close friends at the gym. Here is my story on The Diamond from the outside looking in.

Like I said before, I met Dustin during one of Tim’s training seminars at Micah Lopez’s school, Cajun Karate. Tim had just gotten through demonstrating a flying armbar technique from the single leg defense and Dustin and I had matched up to drill together. At that point, to say Dustin was new to the BJJ world would be a very accurate statement. I remember him having trouble hipping out for an armbar, must less locking it in. He was just like any other beginner I had trained with except he did not quit when the technique did not work, he kept at it ad nausea until he felt comfortable with it. To me, at that point in time, it was admirable but I still had no idea that the dedication I saw that day would translate into the success we are all witnessing today. I had seen Dustin a few other times as he would drop in from time to time at Cajun to train but I never really trained with him consistently until Tim opened up Gladiator’s Academy of Lafayette. Tim might as well have opened up a monster factory because before I knew it, that is what Dustin had turned into.

Tim opened up Gladiators Academy in 2008 and with that came a play land for those of us who think a big empty mat, a stereo with tunes blaring and nag champa equal the most amazing combination in the world. It was while I was training here that I remember seeing Dustin come in to train. I had remembered him from Micah’s school but never really got to hang out and train with him consistently. At Tim’s we would train together a lot more and I was able to witness and be apart of Dustin’s BJJ progression. It started off much like at Cajun where when we would roll I could maybe pull off a submission or two here and there. As the weeks and months progressed, Dustin’s game became tremendously better. Those one or two submissions I was able to lock in quickly disappeared and my wrestles with Dustin became intense battles that would end with us in some crazy ass position as the bell would ring. We would both grow as competitors and practitioners each in our own right through these battles with a respect and friendship that grew just as strong. We both progressed through the ranks together and the day I received my purple belt from Tim was the same day that Dustin received his. It is crazy and inspiring to look back and remember how far he has come in such a short period of time. At the same time, it is really no surprise either. That same tenacity that I saw on the first day I trained with Dustin during that seminar is the same tenacity that I have seen him train with everyday. He is relentless in his quest to be better while also taking the time to be a great training partner to those around him.

Tonight, I will sit in front of my TV and watch one of my great friends go to battle in front of the world. It is amazing to look back and know that we both come from the same gym and both have our separate journey that we take on every day. I know for certain that he is well prepared and will put on an amazing performance. With that being said, I was there when he got his purple belt and I sure as hell can’t wait to be there when they fasten another belt around his waist, the UFC Featherweight Championship belt! Give ‘em hell D!

Til next time, train hard and train often,


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