Rodrigo Medeiros

Born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Rodrigo entered the martial arts world at the very young age of 5; training in Judo, the Japanese art of throws and sweeps. It wasn’t until Medeiros turned 12 that he first began his journey in Jiu Jitsu, encouraged by a friend and Carlson Gracie black belt, Manoel Maria Cardoso Neto – “Maneco”. Given the opportunity to be a student in the now famous Carlson Gracie Academy, the most dominant team at the end of the 20th Century, young Rodrigo immediately realized something special about the school. Whether it was the tightly-knit family atmosphere, influential teachings, or extremely challenging team practices, Medeiros called the walls ‘home’ and immersed his mind and body in the art quickly discovering himself as an elite Jiu Jitsu practitioner.



Competing in over 120 Jiu Jitsu tournaments with nearly 500 competition matches, winning most, Rodrigo’s experience makes him an expert in proper training and preparation. Raised alongside many today’s Jui Jitsu legends on the Carlson Gracie’s Elite Team, including Alan Goes, Murilo Bustamante, Mario Sperry, Carlos Barreto, Wallid Ismail, Ricardo Liborio, Roberto Duarte, Rey Diogo, Dela Riva, Cassio Cardoso, Carlson Gracie Jr., Marcelo Alonso, Bolao, Maneco, Clovis, Crezio Chaves, Julio “Foca” Fernadez, Marcos Soares, Rinaldo Santos, Toco, Renato Tavares ,Ricardo Arona, Paulao Filho, Rodrigo Minotauro ,Rogerio Minotauro, and Braulio Carsalade, helped cultivate his level of instruction and competition expectations.

Remaining with the team through ranks, from white to black belt, and even teaching at an affiliate academy, in 1996 Rodrigo foresaw a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu boom in the United States. Rodrigo decided to move to the “City of Angels” in California with Master Carlson by his side. After three solid years under his master’s supervision, Rodrigo Medeiros opened his first American academy in La Habra.  Finally in 2000, Rodrigo moved once again to open his second academy, only this time to settle definitely at his Pacific Beach Fight Center in San Diego.

Throughout the years, maturing as a competitor and teacher, it was there that he cemented his career as a coach, forming several black belts and molding champions. Rodrigo’s passion for the art and for his students was undeniable. His presence on the mats inspired the hearts of others to discover new levels within themselves. The activity taking place in this modest, beach bound gym was something different, new, and exciting; it was revolutionary. In the year 2000, with much anticipation, BJJ Revolution was born.

With an ever-expanding association and greater demand for quality instruction, Rodrigo is currently building the Revolution brand in Hong Kong while his 80 affiliated schools and Pacific Beach academy continues to thrive. Medeiros maintains the ideals of a true martial artist. He believes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a lifestyle; it will get you fit, keep you centered, and make you more affective in all aspects of life. His goals are to continue the revolution that was begun over a decade ago and show the world the power of his martial art.