Affiliate Program

The purpose of BJJ Revolution is to facilitate the continuous improvement of affiliate schools and practitioners through a proven system of curriculums, training methods, belt systems, and to continue the traditions and teachings passed down from Carlson Gracie. This affiliation is designed to enrich the lives of instructors and students by providing them the opportunity to refine, advance, and evolve their skill sets and experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense across the United States and overseas. Among many advantages of being accepted as an official BJJ Revolution Affiliate, schools and academy owners will be provided opportunities in the following:

An organization certified through the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) that ensures students and members learn properly and completely the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by providing quality training and experience. A family that enforces the practice of Jiu Jitsu and martial arts in a friendly, supportive and non-competitive environment. Access to classes and seminar training privileges in 80 different locations worldwide. A full spectrum of Class Curriculums and Videos for Kids and Adults proven to create dramatic results.

Competition Curriculums and Training Methods to create champions within your school.Special Seminars and Workshops by Top Level Instructors to improve your students and provide continuous Instructor training. In the future, we will provide a full spectrum of class curriculums. Discounts on BJJ Revolution Merchandise and products. Recognition and listing on the new BJJ Revolution website. Business Training Modules and Marketing Strategies to help improve your school.Direct contact with the founders of our 6X National Championship Team.

BJJ Revolution is committed to upholding the standards of instructor/practitioner training practices and belt rankings. The decision to award an Instructor Certification to its associated members is at the sole discretion of the BJJ Revolution Team and will be based on a combination of Jiu Jitsu and martial arts experience, Jiu Jitsu knowledge and technique, ability to teach and clearly convey lessons of the curriculum, and character qualities such as integrity, courage, loyalty, pride, discretion and humbleness.

The BJJ Revolution Team emphasizes that guidelines and instructions should be given with great affection, respect and encouragement, not with criticism. It is our goal to establish ourselves as the authority of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and maintain an admirable reputation among all associated schools, instructors, and students. Are you ready for the REVOLUTION?!

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